DÍNIT happily acknowledges and respects the compassion and dedication of volunteers globally.  We wish to pair these admirable personal traits with expertise and deploy the right volunteers, at the right time, to the right place in a timely fashion.

For more information please contact recruitment@dinit.ie

To embark on the road of volunteer means we have responsibilities to each other as well as to those we aim to benefit.

DÍNIT as a sending agency and you the volunteer have legal obligations to fulfil and we must adhere to best practice at all times.

DÍNIT as a Human Resources agency will ensure that any organisation we recruit for, will be registered, meet their legal operational requirements and have a solid reputation for volunteer engagement and be in a firm position to facilitate volunteer requirements.

DÍNIT prides itself on having an open door policy and encourage feedback, suggestions from our volunteers. This is how we will develop positively as without our volunteers, DÍNIT will cease to exist.  You, as our volunteer, rightfully deserve our respect and we strive to ensure our duty of care matches your needs and requirements in the field, before, during and after deployment.

We both have certain expectations from volunteering, practical and aspirational. We will provide you with all the necessary training from the very outset and continue to provide additional training where applicable.

As legal requirements or best practice and guidelines change or are updated, DÍNIT will ensure that we meet all new or additional requirements and exceed minimum requirements as often as possible.


  • DÍNIT assures you, our volunteer, that we will operate in a wholly transparent dignified and professional manner at all times.

If DÍNIT invite you to volunteer your expertise to a particular project abroad, the decision to travel is yours alone

DÍNIT will carry out a thorough feasibility study and risk assessment of all proposals for deployment.  We give you our assurances that we will not exaggerate or downplay any live conflict situation

DÍNIT will ensure that volunteers have the legal right to operate and liaise with partner organisations in the country of deployment

We will only partner with registered host organisations who have a proven track record of  appropriate of duty of care to volunteers and who have contributed positively to their area of work

If you feel there are additional services we should be providing, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Compulsory Pre Deployment Training

Self-Care and Vicarious Trauma

This 1 day training session is free of charge to our volunteers and a vital component as we must ensure that volunteers take care of their mental health and are aware of signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma, the causes and preventative measures you must take.

This is not a counselling session.  DÍNIT want to ensure that as part of your choice to volunteer, that you are in a position to ensure you are happy to continue the process given that you may be assisting vulnerable people who have suffered greatly.

Pre deployment training sessions:

We want to ensure that volunteers have the facts before making a decision to travel to a particular area. This will include information on the live situation, main issues and cultural awareness.

In addition we will provide training on what is required from you in the field ie documentation, communication and reporting requirements, emergency situations and all necessary information to ensure your health and safety in the field.

You will be given information on the host organisation (if not a specific DÍNIT project), their requirements and expectations and what they will provide for you. Most organisations provide accommodation, insurance, meals etc and you will be informed accordingly.

We also encourage volunteers to carry out research about the area and the prevailing issues.  Please ensure that information gleaned from the internet is from a credible source so you can base your decision on facts, not propaganda.

Information Pack

We will provide a full information pack for you which confirms the process from start to finish, including confirmation of all necessary documentation, important phone numbers etc


Post deployment Counselling

This service will be available to all volunteers on their return as we recognise that experiences while volunteering in a humanitarian situation can be traumatic. DÍNIT recommend one session, however this choice will remain with you.  DÍNIT feels that it may be difficult to talk to friends about your experiences in the field therefore having a discussion with a professional in confidence will at least give you the opportunity to discuss any aspect of your deployment that affected you

Post deployment Report

DÍNIT will provide you with a report on the project following each deployment period.  You will be invited to review it and provide us with any contributions you think are necessary


Garda Vetting

All volunteers are required by law to apply for Garda vetting in line with our policy on working with children and vulnerable adults.

You will be given an application form to complete in full, which will be processed by the Garda Vetting centre. This process may take a few weeks to complete.

Volunteer Conduct

All volunteers must act professionally, honestly, be courteous, respectful of colleagues and act in the best interest of the beneficiaries at all times.

Volunteers are required to comply with our policies on Children and Vulnerable Adult Protection, Sexual Harassment, Equality and Anti-Bullying.  Volunteers must also familiarise themselves and adhere to, the host organisations policies and procedures.

All volunteers must sign up to and adhere to Comhlámh’s Volunteer Charter, which is a set of 7 principles on for best practice for volunteers.  The 7 principles are:

  1. Reflect: think about my motivations and expectations
  2. Prepare: Learn about my role and host organisation
  3. Respect: be open to local culture and customs
  4. Adapt: be professional and flexible in my placement
  5. Stay Aware: take due care of my safety, health and finances
  6. Share: channel my experience and knowledge gained overseas at home
  7. Commit: Be responsible and responsive throughout the volunteering cycle

Read the Volunteer Charter here.

If you wish to make a complaint, please see our complaints policy


All volunteers who go on deployments abroad must have full and comprehensive travel and life insurance in place prior to deployments.  We will ask you for evidence of this to retain on your individual file.  We are sure you understand the importance of this and DÍNIT will not include you on deployments regardless of your experience should you fail to produce a copy of your insurance policy.

Some projects may have insurance included by the host organisation.  You will be informed if this is the case.

Please also be aware that DÍNIT are not responsible for lost or damaged luggage, missed flights or cancellations.


All volunteers who go on deployments abroad must have all of the necessary vaccinations prior to deployments.  We will ask you for evidence of this to retain on your individual file.  We are sure you understand the importance of this and DÍNIT will not include you on deployments regardless of your experience should you fail to produce evidence of your inoculations.

You must declare any health issues you may have that may put you at risk eg epilepsy, diabetes, heart problems, back injuries etc as your health is important and we do not wish you to carry out any duties that may aggravate existing conditions and for you to ensure that you have adequate medications with you and/or knowledge of how to access medications should you require same abroad.


Volunteers are responsible for ensuring they have a valid and in date (usually there cannot be 6 months or less ‘travel time’ remaining) passport.  DÍNIT will keep a copy of your passport on file (useful should you lose your passport on your travels)

Volunteers are responsible for ensuring they have the relevant travel/visitor visas in place prior to departure.  DÍNIT will keep a copy of your visas on file

DÍNIT acts as a sending agency and also provides human resources for the Humanitarian and Development Aid sectors. Therefore, volunteers have the opportunity to volunteer through DÍNIT project or as part of the recruitment process for other organisations.

We will turn to our database of volunteers to match skills for our deployments and for organisations specific requirements.

If you would like to register your interest to volunteer with DÍNIT, please complete the short form below (information supplied is entirely confidential), and submit it to info@dinit.ie.

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