Volunteer Recruitment

DÍNIT aims to support your quality of service to your beneficiaries and key stakeholders.

DÍNIT happily acknowledges and respects the compassion and dedication of volunteers globally.  However, we must also acknowledge that compassion is not the same as having the necessary skills, qualifications or experience for particular projects with specific deliverables.

We wish to pair these admirable personal traits with expertise and deploy the right volunteers, at the right time, to the right place in a timely fashion.

There are two options to secure volunteers through DÍNIT :

  1. Your organisation can request DÍNIT to recruit suitable volunteers on your behalf according to your specific roles already identified.

You will need to provide a full description of the role, the qualifications and experience needed, long term or short term contract and relevant dates.

You will also need to provide details on what you provide for volunteers ie travel and transfer costs, insurance, accommodation, meals, pre-deployment and on-site training and supervision and allowances.

  1. DÍNIT will carry out a needs assessment with your organisation to identify any gaps in your service for whatever reason. This is the gap DÍNIT will fill, with the provision suitable professionals from our volunteer database who will provide their expertise to enable your organisation to achieve your deliverables.

Assessments can be carried out ‘in-country’ or through reports from organisations operating in the communities.  The most appropriate method will be agreed by the organisation and DÍNIT , for example (and not limited to) timeframe, reporting structure, country visits, surveys or specific areas to audit.

For assessments carried out in the country of operation, the responsibility for associated costs of same will be agreed in advance.


For further information and to discuss the best option for your organisation, please contact us and submit an expression of interest, providing as much information as possible.

Please note an expression of interest is not binding on either the potential host organisation or DÍNIT .

We will only enter into formal agreement when both DÍNIT and the organisation are confident we can meet the defined requirements.

All information provided will be treated confidentially.


DÍNIT volunteers will be suitably qualified and experienced in order to carry out their role as identified by the host organisation                                                                                                        

DÍNIT volunteers will have received appropriate pre-deployment training, to include (and not limited to) reporting, security, specifics of the role, and self -care and vicarious trauma

DÍNIT volunteers will have the required vaccinations, visas and travel insurance prior to deployment

DÍNIT volunteers will adhere to confidentiality agreements, identified security procedures, humanitarian principles and best practice at all times

DÍNIT volunteers will respect the human rights and dignity of colleagues and community benefactors at all times and conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner

DÍNIT will only engage with an organisation as long as we are confident that we can meet the identified needs and requirements of the host organisation

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