About Dínit

DÍNIT (pronounced dee-nitch) is a beautiful Irish word meaning dignity, a global fundamental human right too often denied to millions of people.  We were established in 2015 and our aim is to empower people to regain their dignity by providing experts to communities in an array of professions to support organisations and to provide timely assistance to those in need in areas of natural or man-made disaster or conflict.

Our unique and innovative approach to the voluntary sector is two-fold.

Firstly, Dínit is a Sending Agency, working with international humanitarian organisations.  We pair the admirable trait of compassion with expertise in order to adhere to our mission of deploying the right people, at the right time in the right place.  Dínit is developing partnerships with international humanitarian and development aid organisations who are not only making a positive contribution to the dignity of people, but who will also meet our standards for supporting our volunteers in the field.

Dínit also provides Human Resources for international humanitarian and development aid sectors.  Dínit recruits volunteers on behalf of organisations, in multiple professions and areas of expertise.  The additional benefit to organisations is that as funding is limited and always at risk of being decreased or stopped entirely, Dínit will save organisations the money and time required for the recruitment process.  Organisations can request Dínit to advertise for specific roles or select suitable personnel from our database of professionals.
Dínit are as committed to our volunteers as we are to the necessity for volunteers.  As funding conditions and legislation constantly changes, Dínit are constantly assessing how we can make a positive contribution to organisations in a variety of ways conducting audits on staffing, feasibility studies to management consultancy.

The overall Dínit Vision is to support the quality of service delivery in the international humanitarian sector.